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Kind deeds for paws in need

We decided that animals in rescues & shelters are equally as important as the pets that occupy our own homes. The very same healthy foods you select from Nutripaws is also given to animals in need to nourish them the same way you nourish your own. We also provide each pet parent who adopts a fun goodie bag of healthy food, treats, & fun toys to start them off with their new furry friend happily in their new home. We have teamed up with some amazing rescues who have so many wonderful pets in need. When you buy from Nutripaws you are helping to support these shelters, and the pets in need!


Why Choose Nutripaws?

Here at Nutripaws we treat each pet as our own, we want our pets to live long happy and healthy lives. There is nothing we love more than to be able to provide a pet with a healthy diet, fun toys for their playful hearts, and meds to keep them in the best possible shape. We are here to educate the pet parent on what foods are best to fit their pet’s nutritional profile, because we know each and every pet is unique, having their own personality! We provide them with a convenient delivery service in order to make getting the best food for their pet more convenient, faster, and simple.

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