Nutripaws Pawliday Packs


Nutripaws Pawliday Packs are great for any special occasion. Whether its Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, your Dog’s Birthday or just plain old Monday. These packs come stuffed full of cool new trending toys, healthy treats, and fun stuff your dog will pawsitively enjoy. Our Christmas Pawliday Pack comes with a Bone Shaped Stocking to fit all your pups gifts and a Nutripaws Christmas Hat you’ll both enjoy!!

Included in each NutriPaws Pawliday Pack is:

  • Cool New Trending Toys
  • Healthy Treats Made In The USA
  • Velvet Red Bone Shaped Stocking
  • Santa Paw’s Wearable Christmas Hat

Nutripaws Pawliday Packs

Nutripaws Pawliday Packs

Today pets are more like children, and members of the family. What do families do around holidays? Well besides enjoy fun times together, they often get each other presents. We feel that pets should never be left out of the gift receiving! How fun would it be if as a family you can see the joy on your pets faces when they are tearing open their own seasonal present!?

We decided that we wanted to create a unique product just for pets, in which they can enjoy around the Holiday’s. We call this seasonal present a Pawliday Pack. Pawliday Packs are a healthy alternative to letting your dog or cat steal a taste of chocolate at Easter, a hotdog during the 4th of July, or even some pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. These packs come stuffed full of cool new toys, healthy treats, and fun stuff your dog will pawsitively enjoy. We know pets love things that come in boxes. Especially when it comes from Nutripaws. Your pup will go bananas when they see the Nutripaws box at the door. We hand stuff each Pawliday Pack with different items based on your pups size. Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, We can make a custom Pawliday Pack to fit.

We would like the Pawliday Packs to be a way to keep curious pets entertained, and happy during some of the happiest days of the year! Pawliday Packs will be available for various Holiday’s including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, and Memorial Day.

*Below are some of the products you might receive in your Pawliday Pack:

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